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Pak it in

Project type

Lighting Design



Adam Iqbal’s debut play, PAKIt In is a story about love, family and sacrifice. The play explores how we shed the labels others give us in the pursuit of being seen beyond just our physical appearance.
“So are you allowed to date during Ramadan?”

Meet Zakariya. He’s a Muslim. He’s a baker. He’s British Pakistani.

Meet Sophie. She’s not religious. She’s an accountant. She’s White British.

They are both looking for love.

Zak and Sophie meet online and agree to go for a drink. Non-alcoholic for him of course. Dating in the modern day is hard enough trying to avoid Tinder flings and casual encounters. Bonding over a love of High School Musical, they navigate the trials and tribulations of dating in the modern day. However, with secrets that could derail everything and further complications of faith and cultural differences standing in their way, will they be able to make it work?

The set of this show used pixel mapped LED strips as the majority of the set.

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